Shiloh Woods Drive, Troy, NC 27371
Historic Shiloh Church

Wedding, Baptisms and Other Events

Shiloh provides the perfect, sacred backdrop for your special day.  A few pictures from weddings held at Shiloh are below.


Weddings at Shiloh are not like any other.  You feel closer to God and know that your commitment will forever be sealed by this special place.  Weddings here are simple, yet powerful.  Few decorations are needed due to the splendid natural beauty Shiloh has to offer.  Whether you've been coming to Shiloh since you were little or just happened to find our website by mistake, we are happy you've decided to celebrate your wedding at Shiloh.

To reserve the church, please contact us via email at or use the "contact us" link option from the main page. 

There is a $250 charge for rental of the property. A deposit of $100 is required to reserve the property. The $150 balance is due at rehearsal. 

It is a quiet place one may go any time to be still and listen.  Shiloh, a place spoken of as a sacred place, a place set apart, and a place kept plain, natural, and simple, seems to live up to the meaning of its name, "place where God dwells."